Building the Extraordinary.


Our mission is to inspire our homeowners and build the extraordinary.

Maplelands is a development company located in Toronto, Canada, focusing on residential and commercial development in the GTHA. Established in 2019, with a rich international history, Maplelands goal is to develop innovative spaces that inspire people to live freely. With over 40 years of experience in association with our affiliate ASGC Group, it is Maplelands goal to inspire and create communities that will last a lifetime, through new technologies, smart systems, sustainability, advanced design and tailored services. Since its inception, Maplelands has brought its three pillars to life with every project around the world: Integrity, Innovation and Inspiration.


Maplelands, too, is distinguished for creating communities where people belong. The same values that inspired you, inspire us: inclusivity, innovation, integrity. When creating our residences, we consider only your lived experience, devote our current resources, past expertise and future ambitions, to you.



has been many decades in the making and has taken us across countries and cities, learning new schools of thought, then tailored to the custom needs of our residents. Leveraging ASGC's global influence, innovation and expertise, Maplelands’ contemporary architecture and interior design integrate sustainable technology so that the sense of belonging is so natural it's effortless: powered by the sun, run by the wind, flowing like waves.


is shared among the discerning few. Those who think big, dream bigger and deserve even more. Each site has been selected after extensive research. Countless hours have gone into crafting a design that captures the essence of a maple that stands, proud, on its own land. These, after all, are the landmarks we live.



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